So You’ve Listed Your Home, Now What?

    If you are like the majority of homeowners, your house is the biggest asset you own. You’ve already taken the first step by deciding to list your home with a professional real estate agent. You have spent years, working hard to make your house a home, now it is time to get purposeful about making it someone else’s abode.

    1. Deep Clean and Make Your House Gleam!

    Staging your home highlights the best features and allows potential buyers to imagine what their life could be like, living in your house. Before you can stage, however, you must scrub and deep clean your house, top to bottom! Here are some suggestions to make your house look its best.

    • Scrub every surface until it shines! You must keep your house clean for the random, and surprise showing.
    • Minimize the clutter to maximize the space
    • Apply a fresh coat of paint or switch bold room color choices to neutral shades. It makes the space feel fresh and welcoming.
    • Deep clean carpets and rugs. 

    Once you have a clean home, you can start staging!

    2. Setting the Stage

    Keep your colors neutral and depersonalize! Again, this allows home buyers to picture their families enjoying your home. Another thing home buyers focus on is the closets! Everyone wants plenty of storage and feel like the house they  might buy is big enough to store all of their junk.  Make sure your home is prepped to be photo ready, the first impression other real estate agents and buyers have of your home is the photos on multiple listing services. Don’t worry, your real estate agent will coordinate the photo shoot. Here are some ways to get your home picture perfect.

    • Clear out your closets by storing out of season clothes or random gear out of sight in the garage, under the bed, or in your attic.
    • Pick up the toys, whether they are for your human or fury babies. Babies and puppies sell sunscreen, but not homes. Keep the kid chaos and pet supplies tucked away.
    • Clear the counters. Take the personal products and blow dryer off the bathroom counter. The same goes for your kitchen, store away the extra small appliances. It makes your counter seem long and spacious
    • Highlight by turning on all the lights. Bright and cheery rooms invite people into the space and makes the space seem larger. So throw open the curtains, turn on the lamps, and add brighter bulbs to the ceiling fan.

    The goal of staging your home is to accentuate the wonderful features of you listed home. Your real estate agent will help you balance between drawing the buyers attention and overwhelming them.

    3. Ready, Set, SHOW!

    Showing appointments are hard to juggle, whether the home is vacant or inhabited. However, if you are still living in your house listed to sell, these handy tips can help you keep the house clean and your sanity intact!

    • Make a Daily To-Do List. Showings always seem to happen when you least expect it. Doing minor cleaning in the morning before you go to work will reduce the stress of last minute showings.
    • Give Yourself Time. Ask your real estate agent to require appointments for showings to be set a couple hours in advance, this will give you some time to do a quick pass over everything.
    • Leave No Pet Behind.  Leaving your fur baby at home will only serve as a distraction and seen as unprofessional to whomever is viewing your lovely home. So scope up the your pets, take them for a joy ride or send them down to Grandma’s house for some treats.
    • Rally the Troops. Have your kids help out with the picking up, turn it to a game by doing timed practice drills. Don’t forget to reward them for their hard work!
    • Take a Deep Breath. One of the most stressful events in your life will be selling your house. Never miss an opportunity to show your home, but don’t stress yourself out trying to be perfect. Keep your Realtor in the loop and they will prepare the buyer ahead of time.




    Source: David Ramsey


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