Breaux Bridge Real Estate

    Have you ever wondered where you could find an abundance of the world’s  finest crawfish? Well, look no further because Breaux Bridge, Louisiana homes are located in the land known for its invertebrate delicacy, otherwise known as crawfish. Deemed crawfish capitol of the world by the Louisiana House of Representatives Robert J. Angelle, Breaux bridge is the ultimate stop for good taste, good stores, and good hospitality. With a population of 8,139, Breaux bridge real estate is just the right size to
    maximize your lifestyle. Founded by Scholastique Melanie Picou in 1796, who drew up a diligent plan for the Village of Breaux Bridge which included land for a school, church, a diagram of the city streets, and a detailed map of the area. The rich foundation in which the area was discovered is known as Bayou Teche and a footbridge was once built by Firmin Breaux for the passage of his family and neighbors hence creating the name “Breaux Bridge”. A place filled with exclusive and rare antique outlets, you might even find the missing piece to your discontinued collection of trinkets here. The town has a selection of original antique and gift shops all within walking distance of each other. You haven’t lived until you’ve had some of Breaux Bridges finest creole and cuisine. Ever wondered where that spicy and unpredictable dish known as “crawfish etoufee” originated from? If you guessed Breaux bridge, then my friend you are correct! How is it possible that a town of such a small population could possess attractions that cause one’s mind to run wild? You may ask yourself that question after considering real estate in the community of Breaux Bridge. I assure you that if the annual craw fish festival doesn’t satisfy you, the tour du teche paddling races will. Just outside of Breaux Bridge sits the preserved Lake Martin, filled with a large variety of wild-life. Taking a walk along the Lake can be an adventure as alligators, nutria, frogs, and many other critters coexist amongst the water lilies and bald cypress of the Lake. Have you ever wanted to ride along a bayou? Well, Mcgee’s Swamp tours are just the place for you! If its a good time you want, then its a good-time you’ll receive if you decide to purchase real estate in Breaux Bridge. From the bold traditions filled with flavor and culture, to the historical land in which the town was built on, Breaux Bridge real estate is in a league of its own!